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Audio Compressor Types Explained

Compressor Types in Music

You’ve probably seen terms like VCA, FET, optical & Vari Mu used a lot in compression tutorials and might be wondering what they all mean and why you should care.

Each audio compressor type available to us as music producers and home studio musicians, as well as controlling the dynamic range, impart their own sonic character to any signal passing through it.

They also handle the incoming signal in different ways depending on which type of electronic component applies the gain reduction inside the box which then impacts the operation and results of these compressors.

Some are faster acting than others, some are cleaner sounding than others and knowing these details will help you make better decisions around choosing a compressor that best matches your mix goals.

Audio compression is a fundamental skill when it comes to music production so mastering the different compressor types is imperative if you want to apply the best compressor for the job.

Check out the video from my sister site Simply Mixing for the low down on the main compressor types used in music production and online mixing of course!

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