Compressing Bass Guitar In Guitar Heavy Music

How To Compress Bass Guitar

Compressing Bass Guitar

Compressing bass is necessary in a mix to keep it consistent and solid so we can continue to build on it until we have a finished mix.

Building a mix is just like building a house, it’s essential to build on solid foundations. When done correctly, your bass should sit with the rest of the instruments to provide a punchy and solid rhythm section that drives the song forward and compels us to react by nodding our head, dancing or playing air guitar!

When mixing any music with hard driving guitars, it needs a bass that sits full and present to complete that wall of sound that’s prevalent in professional mixes but is sometimes missing and therefore instantly signals an amateur mix.

When a bass guitar is mixed well it is blended seamlessly with the electric guitars to produce a combined sound that keeps the articulation and rhythm of the original performance.

Bass Compression Tutorial

In this video, I’ll show you how to get that solid, thick foundation that’s typical in a professional rock or indie mix, one that never loses momentum or has missing notes or dead spots, regardless of your current level of experience.

If you want to learn more about low end mixing then you might want to check out my blog where I talk about mixing kick and bass for a full, yet tight, low end mix or, if you want to know more about bass compression then check out my post called What Is Compression?

If you want to know more about my online mixing service, then you can learn more on my mixing page or contact me here.

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