Mix With Headphones? 5 Essential Tips You Need To Know

Mix With Headphones? 5 Essential Tips You Need To Know

Do you mix with headphones?

Are you happy with the results?

Mixing with headphones is not as straightforward as you might think.

There are all sorts of crazy acoustic-y things that happen once music is escaping out of a pair of speakers into the outside world that, when mixing with headphones, you can get cringingly wrong.

Typically, some of the main things to pay special attention to are:

  • Panning
  • Reverbs

There are more, and that’s what this video is all about.

Types of headphones

There are two types of headphone design we can use in the studio.

  • Closed-back
  • Open-back

As the name suggests, closed-back designs are closed off to the environment making them great at eliminating outside noise and similarly, preventing bleed outside of the headphones from whatever you happen to be listening to and annoying your immediate neighbours.

The open-back design, therefore, is open to the environment and lets sound in and out freely, yet, the sound is more realistic and, well, open!

In the studio

We use both types in the studio but for different jobs.

Closed-back headphones are great for tracking and open-back are great for mixing.

How to get great mixes using headphones

Well, in the video, I’ll give you the 5 essential tips you need to know to get the best results when mixing in headphones.

I’d love to know which headphones you’re using at the moment and why you like them. Drop a comment below and also let us know any problems you have when you mix with headphones.

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4 thoughts on “Mix With Headphones? 5 Essential Tips You Need To Know”

  1. I have just read your blog. The tips you have shared are really helpful while looking for any brand new headphones.Thanks for sharing this blog. Keep posting such a blog.

  2. I have used a lot of headphones and it has been fun using them. Headphones most times help me concentrate when am typing, exercising and doing some other important things. I usually go for cheaper headphones because I cannot afford the expensive kinds but now and saving for the expensive one that would give me the experience I want.

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