How My Mixing Studio Hobby Became My Full-Time Job | Sara Carter

How My Mixing Studio Hobby Became My Full-Time Job

Mixing studio life

I’m so grateful to own and work in a mixing studio and do you know what I love most about my job? (Well, I say “job” but it doesn’t feel like a job to me and believe you me, I’ve had jobs!!!)

It’s talking to people about mixing music and helping people get better results from their own mixing studio and that’s why it was brilliant (and flattering) to be asked to be a guest on Lij Shaw’s Recording Studio Rockstars podcast.

Podcast guest appearances

sara carter mixing music on the recording studio rockstars podcast

 Lij’s podcast is aimed at new audio engineers and music producers. It draws back the curtain to take you inside the modern mixing studio to learn essential tips and techniques used by the pros that will help you get better at recording and mixing music yourself.

working class audio logo

I’d previously been a guest on Matt Boudreau’s excellent podcast, Working Class Audio which is mainly listened to by other mixing engineers and mastering engineers as well as aspiring audio engineers who want to make audio engineering their career.

In that podcast, I talk more about my career-changing journey and how I became a professional audio engineer with my own online music studio business. You can listen to it here:

Learning…from books!

I remember starting out in audio. Mixing and mastering music with no idea what I was doing! This was in the mid 90’s so, no internet, only magazines, books and libraries.

The professional mixing megastars like Chris Lord-Alge or Sylvia Massy, Michael Brauer etc were totally unaccessible…unless you wrote them a letter!! Haha, imagine that!

Having a resource like Lij’s podcast amongst the 1000’s of YouTube tutorials, it’s never been easier to learn how to mix music and even have your own music mixing studio as a side business if that’s your dream.

Times have changed

Yes, times are different now and even though the path wasn’t smooth, I’m thankful to be living the dream and running a successful online mixing business. Now, I also master music which is something I hadn’t even considered before 4 years ago!

If you’re starting out mixing music, either your own or other peoples and want to learn some top mixing tips from a wide range of mixing and mastering engineers then you can’t go wrong by subscribing to the Recording Studio Rockstars Podcast and the Working Class Audio Podcast.

You can hear my interview and thoughts on acoustics, faders, phase and beer (you gotta listen!) by clicking this link –

Talk to me

After you’ve listened, I love to know if you have any questions about our discussion. I reply to all emails and love to talk about mixing music or changing career to have your own music studio business.

Is there a burning question you’d like to know the answer to but feel it might be a bit stupid? Then drop me an email, questions are good it’s how we learn!

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I write blog posts that I hope will help you mix and master music. I also write free guides and ebooks that you can download and use to get better results when recording, mixing and mastering.

If you want to get your hands on my free stuff right now then click on the following links:

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That’s it for this week! Enjoy the podcasts and don’t forget to email me with your mixing or mastering questions!

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