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Essential Guitar Pedals for Recording

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Thanks to the combined efforts of George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacker, the electric guitar has established itself as one of the most important instruments in modern music history. And while the electric guitar is an impressive piece of technology on its own, there are tools you can use to enhance it even more for your recording sessions.

Guitar pedals can be quite useful when it comes to recording music, as they allow you to morph your guitar’s sounds to fit any genre. Considering there are hundreds of pedals out on the market today, it may be difficult to pick out the ones you need. This is why we’ve prepared a list of the pedals that we’ve deemed essential when it comes to making and recording music!

Distortion Pedals

The distortion pedal is probably the pedal that’s most associated with the electric guitar. These types of pedals are responsible for the crunchy riffs and face-melting guitar solos in your favourite rock songs. It’s what gives the guitar that extra kick that built the foundation of the rock and roll genre. If you’re looking to record a metal or rock track, a distortion pedal will be your best friend as it can provide a song with an aggressive edge that borders on dirty.

Reverb Pedals

While not as flashy as the distortion pedal, this next pedal is pretty much a requirement in every guitarist’s arsenal. When it comes to essential pedals, a reverb pedal should be near the top of everyone’s list as it fits pretty much any genre of music. The reverb pedal drastically affects the tone of the guitar and can make it darker or warmer, allowing you to tweak it according to what you’ll be needing. The reverb pedal is pretty much a necessity in indie pop, surf rock, and indie rock.

Chorus Pedals

Here’s a pedal that can be quite useful when you need to extend the sound of your guitar. The chorus pedal turns your lone guitar into an entire battalion, as the chorus pedal copies the sound signal of your guitar and replicates it. This can make it seem as if multiple guitars are playing at the same time. This can give your guitar a thicker sound. Other chorus pedals are more versatile, as they can even change up the pitch of the other sound signals. This can make it sound as if there are multiple guitars playing different things all at once.

EQ Pedals

Now, we’ve already talked about the importance of mixing in our article on the common mixing mistakes that are ruining the quality of your tracks. This last pedal also aims to address this problem. The EQ pedal’s sole purpose is to make sure everything about your sound is perfectly balanced. While its effects aren’t as evident as the other pedals, these subtle alterations can be the difference-maker when it comes to the overall audio quality of your recordings.

Essential Guitar Pedals – Summary

Using pedals like these will add interest and movement to your guitar parts. They’ll give the listener some “ear candy” to latch onto and make placing your guitar easier in the mixing process. So in this simple roundup, we think these are the most essential guitar pedals that every guitarist needs in their gig bag!

Let us know in the comments which are your favourite guitar pedals for recording and that you think are absolutely essential, we’d love to know!

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